how to get the most from exercise

There are some getting fit tips that can apply on a universal level, no matter what you are trying to achieve from a workout, whether you want good abs, you are getting ready for sport, or just trying to feel better if you lead a sedentary lifestyle.

The one secret which is not spoken enough often about is overtraining. Just don’t do it! If you take one of these getting fit tips with you, it’s not to overtrain. When you are trying to build muscle, the muscle you have broken down needs recovery time to rebuild and grow back stronger. It will not get the chance if you keep pushing, pushing, pushing – even though you think you might be doing yourself good.

The other problem part of overtraining is spending too long on one exercise session. After 45 minutes or so, the body starts producing cortisol. It’s a hormone which does muscle growth no favours. So beware the length of that workout.

The second of my getting fit tips is also very simple. You have to sleep well. The body isn’t really building up that lovely new muscle when you exercise – the biggest recovery time is during sleep – and sleep is when that growth process principally takes place. Good, regular, sleep will ensure you get the most from any exercise that you do.

These are just a couple of very general getting fit tips. When it comes to using exercise machines, treadmills and many other devices, there are plenty of things to ensure that you get the most out of them, but if you over-train and don’t sleep well, you will be missing out on maximum benefit.

For the best inside track on effective exercise check out getting fit tips for some great secrets, while it is well worth finding out how the two for two rule can transform your strength and conditioning for the better!

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